Home pet robot for geeks to play and research AI

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PiTanq best features

Aluminium chassis

Sturdy and shiny. No soldering required

Raspberry Pi

Powered by Raspberry Pi. Comes with preinstalled Raspbian Jessie


Comes with OpenCV and Tensorflow-trained SSD neural network to detect images

Android + python

Tank powered by python, controlled from an android phone


  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCV with Deep Neural Network module
  • MobileSSD neural network from Tensorflow
  • Inception neural network from Tensorflow
  • Line following algorithm
  • MJPEG video streamer
  • Open source server with Python
  • REST interface
  • Android application

Live video

Image classification

Object detection

Line following

Read the assemble guide


Download an application

Control the robot from your android phone

Visit GitHub repo


Everything is included into package - Raspberry Pi and other electrical parts, chassis with all the screws and nuts, acrylic plates and jumper wires and even a screwdriver. No soldering required.

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